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Company Blog: What To Do and What Not

The blogging phenomenon has started to build companies view the potential benefits of corporate writing a blog. They all agree with the fact that sites achieve a mass media effect through the high level of networking inside the blogosphere in which news disseminates very speedily. The blogosphere (online community of websites and their writings) [...]

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Corporate and business Blogging: What To Do and What Not

The blogging phenomenon has started to produce companies see the potential important things about corporate blogging and site-building. They all concur that weblogs achieve a mass media effect through the high level of networking in the blogosphere where news disseminates very quickly. The blogosphere (online community of sites and their writings) has heralded a new [...]

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Can be your Business Crisis-proof? Crisis Administration Tips Just for Small businesses

The majority of providers choose to hit your house run whenever they come to the party to softball bat. For just about every single 80 (or 4, 000) superb programs designed to end up in your damaging success over dating services, one simple and also a couple succeed. Typically the battle is somewhat more often [...]

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Term Paper Composing Service An individual Rely On

Obtaining personalized essay or dissertation internet writers services All-in-one educational aid provided by a respected corporation within the dissertation plus newspaper publishing market. Finest essay or dissertation authors along with specialized client service! If you are looking for articles to order, pick us. Most of us dont help to make unfilled promises and give you [...]

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Masjid Raya At-Taqwa Cirebon Sebagai Alternatif Destinasi Wisata Religi

Masjid Raya At-Taqwa Sebagai Alternatif Destinasi Wisata Religi dengan Motto 3M oleh: Ust. Ahmad Yani el-Muchtary (Ketua Umum At-Taqwa Centre) Masjid Raya At-Taqwa (MRA), yang terletak di jantung Kota Cirebon, tepatnya di Jl. RA. Kartini No. 2 Kota Cirebon adalah masjid kebanggaan masyarakat Kota Cirebon dan sekitarnya. MRA selain memiliki fungsi utama sebagai tempat ibadah, [...]

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AT-TAQWA, Inspiring for Ramadhan

Oleh : Ust. H. Ahmad Yani el-Muchtary Ketua At-Taqwa Centre Kota Cirebon) Masjid merupakan tempat suci bagi ummat Islam untuk melakukan ibadah; disamping sebagai sentral aktifitas pembinaan ummat Islam. Dengan kata lain, masjid tidak semata-mata berfungsi sebagai tempat ibadah mahdhah (ritual) seperti shalat, melainkan berfungsi sebagai sarana pengembangan dakwah dan peradaban Islam dalam arti luas. [...]

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 Menuju At-Taqwa Centre “Makmur, Melayani dan Mencerahkan”

Oleh: Ahmad Yani el-Muchtary (Ketua Umum DKM Raya At-Taqwa-ICC Kota Cirebon)  Saat ini Masjid Raya At-Taqwa dan Islamic Centre Kota Cirebon telah menjadi satu manajemen, dengan sebutan At-Taqwa Centre Kota Cirebon. Penyatuan manajemen ini tetap memeperhatikan dan mempertahankan eksistensi Masjid dan Islamic Centre sebagai sebuah nomenclatur (tata nama) formal, sebagai sebuah institusi/kelembagaan Islam baik dalam [...]